The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support

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The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support

Getting ready to write an essay? Headed back to school and overwhelmed by projects and research papers? Want to help your teenager with a school essay but feel lost about giving advice? Have a local or state issue that you need to write a legislature about but are unsure of how to structure your thoughts?

The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support is a thorough guide for anyone getting ready to write. Returning to school? Helping a student? Wanting to write a letter, an essay, or an article? This is your resource. The book is written in an easy-to-understand manner so that anyone can read it and use the techniques to start writing today.

Learn how to:

Write a thesis without doing any research

Write a thesis that concludes a research project

How to respond to a writing prompt

Write five different styles of thesis statements

Understand the writing expectations of everything from short answers to research papers

Write in different styles: expository, persuasive, narrative, compare or contrast, research, and professional and business writing

Separate fact from opinion

Construct support for a thesis

Organize writing by introduction, body, and conclusion

Keep the reader’s attention

As well, the book offers examples so that you see thesis statements and support in practice. See examples for: a blog post, persuasive editorial, narrative story, compare or contrast short answer, and research response.

Few writers are masterful essayists when they start out. Writing and supporting a strong thesis statement takes time and practice. Many writers struggle with constructing a thesis and how to support one with valid information. Thesis statements are probably the most challenging elements of essay writing. In this book, we present the craft of thesis statements and their support in a simple, straightforward manner.

The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support can give you no matter what your writing task is and no matter what your writing ability is. If you can follow a simple guide, you will be writing today.

Like all of the books in the Simple Guide Books series, The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support is written for the person who may struggle with this topic and the person who needs basic explanations with straightforward examples. The book helps students, parents and professionals alike to achieve their goals of improving their writing efficiently.  

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The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support

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