The Simple Guide to Using MLA for Research Papers (MLA 7th edition)

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Are you struggling with a class paper and confused by the research process? Does the thought of citing research sources overwhelm you? Or are you trying to help a novice writer or struggling student complete a research project and need a helpful guide?

The Simple Guide to Using MLA for Research Papers is a straightforward book which explains how to follow the research process and cite research sources using the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guide format.

In this book, we show readers how to approach a research project, which steps to take when researching and how to follow the MLA format for research papers. Any student in a high school or college English or Humanities class needs to be able to apply these skills efficiently.

Throughout the book, we include infographics and visuals to assist visual learners, real-world examples and tips and tricks to make the researching process easier for writers. After reading this book, readers should be prepared to start on a research paper and have the right tools for completing the research.

Most novice writers find the research process and style guides challenging. This book answers questions on researching and citing research sources in a simple, straightforward manner. Start into The Simple Guide to MLA for Research Papers right away to make your research paper successful.

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